New Xorro-Q Launcher has arrived

New Xorro-Q Launcher has arrived

21 Apr 2013        Xorro

After a flurry of design and test work, we have finally launched the new-look Q-Launcher in April.

The new look Q-Launcher improves on the previous design as follows:

  • Improved aethetic design and layout for more intuitive use;
  • Vertical toolbar instead of horizontal in response to user feedback;
  • Integrated toolbar and response form windows, leading to less confusion and less open forms on the screen;
  • Additional "non participants" view highlights participants yet to answer a question, creating an unspoken additional motivator to drive response rates upwards.

This new design is being used in the following further developments launching shortly:

  • A version of the Q-Launcher for Mac OS and iOS platforms;
  • Additional tools enabling pre-prepared activities to be "called" from the QF site within a class session, eg to run an instabnt quiz before class, without having to reset the current session.