The widening audience for Xorro-Q

The widening audience for Xorro-Q

26 Apr 2013        Xorro-Q

So... you make presentations to audiences. Wouldn't it be great if there was a simple, instant way to involve your audience in your questions, using their own cellphones, tablets etc? Especially if along the way you identify the individuals, their interests and needs, collecting opinions, understandings, even full text ideas.

We launched Xorro-Q last September to satisfy a burgeoning demand within our K-12 school user community for a browser-based student response solution able to leverage the explosion in "BYOD" programs. We very quickly unearthed strong interest from several other groups:

  • Presenters in conference settings, who want to achieve participation from their (usually unknown) audiences;
  • Trainers of all varieties, who need to instantly assess participants on their learning during the couse delivery rather than after it;
  • University lecturers, who want to formatively assess their audience of students "on the fly" and yet value the opportunity to reward participation through scores

What these groups all have in common is they need very simple enrollment of participants, combined with the ability to manage the real-time participation process very easily. and with no disruption whatsoever to the presentation content.

Xorro-Q's Launcher is designed for exactly that purpose: Enabling a presenter, teacher or coach to deliver an "instant" (or pre-prepared) question to a group, receive the responses, and integrate these into the presentation without ever taking the focus off the topic.

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