Xorro-Q integrated into Workbook

Xorro-Q integrated into Workbook

31 May 2012        Workbook

The Interactive whiteboard can be a powerful tool to engage groups of people collaboratively. However it is limited in its capacity to simultaneously receive the active input of more than (at most) three or four persons at once. Entire class participation is therefore difficult to achieve.

Two technologies are evolving to address this limitation: solutions which enable simultaneous viewing and sharing of multiple devices controlled by small groups so as to enable large group collaborative functions, and effective integration of multiple individual hand-held devices to display on a large shared surface.

Xorro-Q is a new solution which enables students to interact with the teacher’s computer (and hence with any interactive white board), using any browser-capable mobile devices: mobile phones, i-Pads or other tablets, laptops or PCs, even low cost i-Pod touch devices. Teachers can send questions to the students’ devices, and students can vote on these, or reply in text. Results are displayed on the teacher’s computer for all to share.

Facilitator tools enable the teacher to ensure complete participation from every student. The flexibility to use any mobile device as a student response medium eliminates many barriers to use of student response solutions, and greatly diminishes cost and deployment impact for the school.