New to Q: New Question Types & Assessments

New to Q: New Question Types & Assessments

21 Aug 2014        Xorro

In August we released a flurry of new functionality for our Xorro facilitators:

Text response questions now allow scoring based on matching the response with your predetermined answer.  This is the same approach taken in April for our numeric question scoring, and will soon be extended somewhat to permit facilitators to soften rules (such as not penalising for plurals, spaces, punctuation, capitalisation etc).

We have also released our multi-select hotspot image questions.  These have been requested for a long time! and they open the door to many new applications for Xorro-Q.  The multi-select hotspot uses the same scoring template as multi-select multi-choice questions.

With Q-Bank well settled in, we have released a bulk editing tool  which is especially useful for selecting multiple questions and tagging them all at once.  Saves lots of time, and makes those questions so much easier to share, and find, later!