More Ticks for Hotspot Questions

More Ticks for Hotspot Questions

22 Aug 2014        Xorro

You've had Hotspot questions since late last year.  Now, in response to frequent requests we've added a new multi-select hotspot question type.  We've prepared some samples for you to enjoy - try them out!

It's simple to produce a multiple hotspot question: Just upload an image; create the hotspot zones by successive clicks to form a perimeter; add feedback (optional) for each zone and for out-of-zone.... and you're done!

Scoring is performed the same way as for multi-select multi-choice questions: Just set the maximum and minimum scores for the question.  Xorro determines from this the score to be applied per correctly selected zone, and the score to be deducted per error.

Think of the possibilities:

"Find all the.... in this image";
"Select as many .... as apply;
"Find and click on the multiple ...".

Try the sample multiple hotspot challenges...