Xorro Q at the eLearning event

Xorro Q at the eLearning event

25 Jul 2012        Xorro-Q

Xorro-Q at the eLearning event

Earlier this year 2Touch had the chance to showcase the all new Xorro Q BOD (bring your own device) response solution at the eLearning event in Auckland

The event

Each year the NZATD (New Zealand Association for Training and Development) hosts a daylong event that involves speakers talking about how they’ve incorporated eLearning into their organisation. At the end of the event the audience (around 150 people) is asked to rate each of the speakers and the top three are announced; leaving NZATD with the task of gathering and tabulating the results within a very short period of time.

To solve the task NZATD approached 2Touch dealer Manzana, looking for a response solution that could give them instant results as well as detailed feedback. Manzana delivered them Xorro Q, a unique solution that turns any web based device (iPads/tablet pcs, smart phones, laptops, pcs etc.) into a full text response solution.

Through the use of Xorro Q the NZATD was able to setup four questions that incorporated a mix of basic A, B, C voting, and full text reply. The first two questions asked for the participants name and company - both full text. The third question displayed a list of all the speakers from throughout the day. The audience could then vote for their favourite speaker by selecting the speakers corresponding identifier (a, b, c, d etc..) on their phone – the use of multi-choice. The final question asked the participants why they choose that speaker. Audience members could then use the text pad on their phones to enter in a paragraph answer explaining their choice for question 3.

The results

The questions where shown up on the big screen along with a simple URL that the audience could access via their phone’s browser. Once the audience accessed the URL the first question appeared, followed by the remaining 3 questions. Every question was displayed on both the big screen and on the mobile phone.

Once everyone had answered NZATD were able to view and export the voting results. Providing them with the data they needed to announce the top 3 speakers straight away.

Upon conclusion of the event NZATD were able to go back and review all the information gathered from the question session. There were able to analysis which companies turned up to the event, as well as review why people choose a certain presenter; giving them a wealth of qualitative and quantitative data that can be used for future presentations and distributed to participants.

Xorro Q

Xorro Q is a unique response solution that not only provides presenters/organisers with the ability to question participants without the need to distribute handheld devices, but can be adapted to suit multiple situations; whether it is a training session for a group of 10, or an auditorium full of 200 people.

Using a web based question function, participants can login to a question session via any internet enabled device (iPads/tablet pcs, smart phones, laptops, pcs, etc..). Answering questions put forward by session leaders in either a basic A, B, C style voting format that garners statically data, or with full text answers.

Questions can be created on the fly, of setup beforehand using the session leaders own web facilitator page. The facilitator page allows the question creator to create the questions, review the results from previous sessions, as well as decide when they want the questions to become live. If the questions are part of an organisation wide survey, then the question creator can choose to have the questions running for an extended period.

For further information on the Xorro Q response solution contact your local 2Touch dealer.