Xorro free access

Xorro free access

22 Feb 2015        Xorro-Q

From 1 January, all users - both facilitators and participants - have full access to Xorro-Q for free.

Anyone can now create learning games, contests and competitions, and run brainstorm and collaboration activities with live audiences, all for free using Xorro-Q.

The free access is limited to sessions with 30 participants or less, and is volume limited to no more than 100 questions being asked (that's 3000 question-impressions) per month. Beyond these limits, a facilitator will require a Xorro plan or will need to apply for a free limited-time trial.

The existing Q30, Q300 and Q3k plans continue as before with full and unrestricted access to Q applying for the relevant audience sizes.

Create your Free Facilitator account at Xorro-Q.