Xorro Workbook 2 arrives: Get it here!

Xorro Workbook 2 arrives: Get it here!

19 Aug 2015        Xorro

This week, after months of beta testing and progressive improvements, Xorro finally released version 2.0 of the powerful whiteboarding software Workbook  (alternately branded Alphateach).

Workbook was originally writen by 2Touch Technologies for use with 2Touch interactive whiteboards.  Today Xorro Workbook is used on any interactive device, as well as with stand-alone computers: in fact anywhere that the freeedom of a whiteboarding solution is valued.  The v2 release provides many new features and improvements, as well as incorporating resolutions for numerous bugs.  It's faster, more reliable, better presented.... in short: Workbook 2 is a very compelling upgrade for all users.  

Instructions on where to get Workbook 2 are at the foot of this page....  Scroll down!

Here's a short list of the more obvious changes:

  • Comprehensive visual enhancements of the user interface, particularly menus, icons & toolbars.
  • Extended support for alternative regional settings.
  • New languages: Italian & French; updates on all other languages.
  • New Isometric 30 degree and 60 degree grids.
  • Snap to grid extended to selectable snapping coordinates (choose centre or any of 4 corners of grid).
  • Improvements to Compass: Remember radius option; also improved performance.
  • Option to launch videos on external player (similar to external browser selection).
  • Change multi-select key from <SHIFT> to <CTRL> to be consistent with standards.
  • Stamps can now be added to Custom Toolbars; incorporate your favourites for instant access!
  • Support for A3 printing.
  • Save to default location (previously Workbook prompted to save to last used location)
  • Updated End User License Agreement
  • Improvements to Grouping and Layering
  • Improvements to PDF export
  • Improvements to Page Sorter
  • Improvements to SMART Notebook and .iwb file import support
  • Improved intergration to Xorro-Q Launcher for audience participation from browsers
  • Improved integration to Xorro-Ed resource community
  • Improvements to proxy handling
  • Improvements to Resource Finder to adapt to recent changes in YouTube and Flickr APIs

To update to Workbook 2 (or Alphateach 2):

From within Workbook (or Alphateach):

In Help menu, select "Check for updates".  On discovery of the new version, select "Download from website" link.  Launch the downloaded installer and follow the instructions.  All of your previous settings will be remembered.  Enjoy!


If you don't have Workook yet:

Browse to http://update.xorro.com

Enter your email address and register if you're a new user.  Workbook will install as a free 30 day trial  until you enter your Customer Key.

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