Workbook Tip: Instant quiz

Workbook Tip: Instant quiz

08 Jul 2012        Workbook

Use the Xorro-Q button in Workbook to instantly quiz your audience or students, integrating responses into your activity. You’ll find the button at the end of the dynamic tools toolbar.

Pressing it presents a choice of six types of activity: four “instant” multi-choice questions, an “instant” text response question, and an option to prepare questions in advance of the lesson.

Selecting any one of these will initially send you to a login form. Xorro Q is a subscription based response system and requires a code acquired by purchase or 30-day trial. If your organisation or school has not yet organised a login, please apply for one now.

Having logged in, Xorro-Q’s response window appears. Your audience will use the QR code to instantly navigate to the session URL and answer your question. Those who do not have a QR code reader can of course simply enter the url indicated below the code.

Xorro-Q’s response window now displays responses as they come in, either as a real-time multi-choice bar graphs or else individual text responses being sent by students. Two button allow you to hide presentation of results until you’re ready, and to make text responses anonymous. Notice the dashboard at the bottom of this window, where you can see how many students have responded and how many have not. Clicking on the participants button between these numbers pops up a panel showing all student names and highlighting each student’s response status.

Responses, both text and graph, can simply be dragged onto the Workbook canvas. Try this to build mind maps from audience contributions! Note that you can also drag these contributions into other software such as Word or Excel…. Once you want to move on, just press the “close” button on the top right corner of the window. This minimises Xorro-Q to the task bar, ready for your next question (which again you will initiate from the Xorro-Q button).