Workbook 1.8 is released

Workbook 1.8 is released

22 Nov 2012        Workbook

1.8 is the latest upgrade to the dynamic white boarding software 2Touch Workbook. 1.8 has an enhanced focus on joining together the users of the Workbook universe via the newly launched Workbook community as well as a range of new and enhanced canvas features.

To download the latest version head to:

2Touch Workbook 1.8 release video

  • Integration with the Workbook community
    o Instantly upload your lesson to the Workbook Community sharing site
    o Sign up for a Workbook community login via your Workbook page
  • All new Stamps tool
  • Annotation over video
  • New Pan tool
  • Enhanced compass tool
  • Enhanced cropping tool
  • Enhanced integration with Xorro Q

Instant sharing

1.8 provides you with the ability to save your workbook files direct to the Xorro Q resources website. Every time you save a new Workbook file it will ask you if you would like to share that file, if you select yes, then the Workbook will become available to all those other keen Workbook users via the community web page.

Learn more about the resources website

1.8 Videos

You can find a range of videos highlighting how to use the new workbook tools below: