Scoring at last!

Scoring at last!

21 Apr 2013        Xorro-Q

Beginning April 2013, Xorro-Q subscribers can associate scores with questions, enabling automatic scoring for activities. At this time scoring options are available for all multi-choice question types, but not yet for open-text and for numeric response questions.

When adding scores to a multi-choice question, the facilitator can either accept default scores for each option, or select these and change them.

Default scoring applies one point for a single selection, multi choice correct answer and zero points for wrong selections. In the case of multiple selection, multi-choice questions, the scoring is determined by the maximum score for the question (default = 1 point, otherwise set by the facilitator), divided by the number of correct options set.

Scores are of course recorded and preserved in the activity record.

Future developments on this theme:

  • Scoring for text and numeric response questions;
  • Integration of scoring results into option feedback and activity feedback for participant;
  • Scoreboard (or "Leaderboard") display for a group;
  • Participant record reports spanning multiple activities (longitudinal reports)