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Xorro Workbook explained (video)

Xorro Workbook is branded Alphateach for customers in the United Kingdom and some European countries.

Workbook combines the easy, instant expressiveness of your whiteboard, with the reach and productivity of your computer.

Visually organise

digital ink, images, text and shapes on unlimited whiteboard pages. Incorporate live feeds (from cameras, video clips and web pages).  Build mindmaps while collaborating.  Access unlimited free resources.  Import SMART Notebook, IWB, PDF and all media files for easy display & annotation.  Share, print, or email as PDF in an instant.Annotate over any application and record your work. Visually organise your ink, text, shapes, images, video, web streams etc.  Turn your regular whiteboarding sessions into living documents. Create linked mind maps.  Annotate instantly over other contexts on your computer.  Save, print, share, revisit.Just like your conventional whiteboard, you can use pens to write in ink… only now you’re writing in digital ink, and its being stored in your computer.    You’ll set up your favourite pens (they never run out of ink!) and your favourite tools. Workbook’s page extender and page sorter means you’ll never run out of whiteboard space.   Everything is instantly scaled, rotated, moved on the page or between pages.   That’s where it all starts….

With Workbook, you’ll be putting shapes, text and images onto your whiteboard in no time at all.   Flowcharts, mindmaps and concept diagrams become “formalised” in a few seconds.  Add links and sounds to objects on your whiteboard page to integrate process maps.  Start videos on the whiteboard page at the touch of a button; play live camera or web feeds to keep your workgroup up to the minute.  Look further and you’ll also find the usual interactive whiteboarding features: spotlight, magnifier, full screen views, screen capture, screen annotate, cropping, transparency eyedropper, format painter etc.

Features & Benefits

Here are just a few of the ways in which Workbook out-smarts the others….:

Flexible & Interoperable Share & extend Customisable
Instant Resource Finder Concept mapping Working with video
Maximise participation & engagement Xorro-ED Community Annotate anywhere

Download Workbook


Download Workbook software for Windows (XP, Vista, 7, 8, 10). On installing this to a fresh computer you’ll get a 30 day free trial. This converts to a permanent licence on activating Workbook by entering a Customer Key.  Existing customers can access the latest version to which they are entitled under their Support Plan, by entering their Customer Key on a href=”” target=”_blank”>this page.

Remember to also download the Workbook Resources Pack Installer (51 MB). This is is a collection of free images, objects and backgrounds, organised by topic. Install this pack to have these collections available directly from your Workbook canvas through convenient links.

Workbook Pricing

Contact for pricing on site licences

Support Subscription

Subscribe to Support

Once Workbook is activated, you’ll have free access to updates for one year (the “free support period”). At the end of the free support period, you can continue to use Workbook without having to commit to further updates. However, if you want to continue to access the updates you will need to renew your support subscription. Support is charged at 20% per year of the then-current price for the software to which you are licensed. You can take it up at any time.

Getting started with Workbook

So – you’ve downloaded Workbook and the Workbook Resources Pack, installed them (see video), and now you’re ready to get started.
A license for Workbook is needed before you can activate it using a Customer key. If your organisation has already received its license, then you need to get the Customer Key from your Institution Manager. Who are the Institution Managers at my organisation?
We hope that you’ll find Workbook really easy to use. Even so, our library of short video tutorials will quickly get you up to speed, whatever it is you need to learn about Workbook.

Video Tutorials and Tips

Get started with Workbook Tools Talk for Workbook
Finding your way around Workbook Customising Workbook to work for you
Learn the Workbook Basics Doing the Magic: Whiteboarding Tips & Tricks

The Workbook User Manual is available on the Xorro Software Updates site. You’ll find our On-Line Help useful too. Some of the most frequently asked questions about Workbook are:


Ensuring Workbook connectivity across your network
Deploying Workbook over your network
Problems with completing Workbook / Alpha Teach Activation
More FAQ….

Xorro-ED is a free resource-sharing community for all educators. Workbook integrates with Xorro-ED, so you can search for and share interactive whiteboard activities, presentations instantly. Resources are ranked for usefulness. Optimised filtering ensures your searches yield the most relevant resources. Join the Xorro-ED community – free.

Your Xorro login

You don’t have to have a Xorro login to enjoy using Workbook. However, having a login means you will get better on-line service (since we know where you’re coming from). The best way to get a Xorro login is as a Free Facilitator, set up under your organisation’s account with Xorro. This can be done by your Institution Managers. Who are the Institution Managers at my organisation?

If your organisation has not yet been set up with Xorro, you can be the first to do so. Create your own Free Facilitator account for a new Institution. Be aware however that Institution accounts cannot be merged later. If you’re not sure, it’s better that you check with us.

A Free Facilitator login lets you use Xorro-Q to engage audiences using their own devices. You can ask questions which are sent to the participant devices right from Workbook. Responses can be dragged into the Workbook pages if desired. More about Xorro-Q.

Otherwise, when you join the free Xorro-ED community you will be given a Xorro login. This is not (yet) linked to your organisation’s account, and although you’ll be able to access and share resources with others, you won’t be able to use Xorro-Q.