WBook 4: Tools Talk

Select and use stamps such as tick marks, crosses, happy faces etc, to instantly apply frequently symbols onto the canvas. Drag them to create “magic pen” like streams of your chosen stamp. Great to apply speech bubbles, highlight key items, mark right / wrong etc.

Annotation Mode in Workbook / AlphaTeach is also known as “Glass Mode”. Here’s where you can use your favourite Workbook pens or other tools right over any software or document in your computer. This is a great way to extend the power of Workbook to any other tools on your computer. Mark up documents; draw on images, maps and charts; use the magnifier or the spotlight to focus viewer attention on part of your screen…. It can all be done using Annotation Mode.

The built-in (“internal”) web browser in Workbook / AlphaTeach makes it even easier to integrate web presented materials with your classroom activities. You can manage the view easily, and write or draw over the top of the web page without having to move away from your Workbook whiteboard page. Perhaps best of all for those interactive pages, you can take snapshots to record your progress, and build them up as a “stack” or a storyboard for later….

Since you’ll be using images a lot in your whiteboarding, it’s only right that Workbook / AlphaTeach will offer some tools which give you a bit more control. This video demonstrates how to crop a selected image using the cropping tool.

Use the Polygon tool in Workbook / AlphaTeach to easily create any shape at all. You can then go on to define the properties eg stroke and fill colours, styles etc. Custom polygons are immensely useful for hide-and-reveal activities also.

Use Resource Finder for instant, safe in-class resource discovery of copyright filtered multimedia (including YouTube) and deployment of this to your pages.