Xorro Gradebook

Xorro’s Gradebook provides a one-glance summary of overall course outputs for each student and each activity.

Xorro has added a new course summary tool, “Gradebook”, to its range of engagement reports for facilitators. Gradebook provides the ability to view summary data for any course (group), for all activities and for any or all participants.  It provides the Facilitator with a simple management view where Xorro-Q is used on its own, ie not integrated to the Learning Management System using LTI.  Learn more about integrating Xorro-Q activities with your Learning Management System (eg Canvas, Moodle).

Finding Gradebook:

Gradebook can be accessed from either of two locations in your QF site:

– From the Participants tab (in which case Gradebook will apply to any group you have selected in the tab),
– through your Profile Menu under “Reports”. Here it joins the existing low attenders and low participants reports and the powerful engagement filters previously available.

What’s new about Gradebook:

Gradebook provides a single summary results table for the group (or course), in which all participants are indicated in rows, and all activities in columns. Every activity assigned to the selected group(s) is included, including activities accessed via LTI (ie those integrated and run from within Canvas, Moodle or other Learning Management Systems). The table cells can display your choice of either score data, or participation data. You can also choose whether to display “raw” values or calculated results expressed as percentages. A column at the far right of the Gradebook displays the summary result for each participant for all activities.

In the case of participation data, participation points accrue on the basis of one point per question asked. An activity with ten opportunities to participate will therefore offer up to ten participation points, while an activity consisting of just one question provides only one participation point.

A further development in near future will provide links from each column heading on the table pointing to the specific activity result reports which provide the raw data for each activity. Similarly, links from each row heading will point to each individual participant’s result history. As before, individual participants’ grades can be accessed through the participants tab by selecting the participant and then selecting “Report”.

Gradebook tables can be downloaded as a CSV table for separate analysis, or for convenient upload of data to LMS systems if not using LTI.

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