Bringing your whiteboards together

Boost Team Productivity

Integrate content from many sources

Connect, Engage, Explain

Resource Finder

Deploy & manipulate on-line resources

Use the embedded Xorro-Q participation and quizzing tools in Workbook

Create, share & grow ideas

Workbook is whiteboarding software.

- Bring people together around a shared whiteboard document
- Train, teach, explain, demonstrate
- Create, conceptualise, organise ideas
- Organise and display information visually

Whiteboarding softwareWorkbook is whiteboarding software

Workbook is whiteboarding software, used with any interactive whiteboard or display, or just on a computer.

If you’ve used whiteboards much, then you already know what’s essential to whiteboarding: easy access that anyone can use; plenty of room to express any idea; simple and intuitive tools. Workbook whiteboarding software combines the simplicity and ease of use we all love from whiteboards, with the productivity benefits of your computer.

Just like your conventional whiteboard, you can use pens to write in ink… only now you’re writing in digital ink, and its being stored in your computer.    You’ll set up your favourite pens (they never run out of ink!) and your favourite tools. Workbook’s page extender and page sorter means you’ll never run out of whiteboard space.   Everything is instantly scaled, rotated, moved on the page or between pages.   That’s where it all starts….

With Workbook, you’ll be putting shapes, text and images onto your whiteboard in no time at all.   Flowcharts, mindmaps and concept diagrams become “formalised” in a few seconds.  Add links and sounds to objects on your whiteboard page to integrate process maps.  Start videos on the whiteboard page at the touch of a button; play live camera or web feeds to keep your workgroup up to the minute.  Look further and you’ll also find the usual interactive whiteboarding features: spotlight, magnifier, full screen views, screen capture, screen annotate, cropping, transparency eyedropper, format painter etc.

What makes Workbook whiteboarding software so much better?

Here’s how Workbook’s different, and so much smarter than the others:

First of all, Workbook is interoperable with other whiteboarding software tools. Workbook opens SMART Notebook files natively, allowing you to edit and save content from these. So – if you’re looking for smartboard software (but not necessarily for use only with a smartboard) then you need look no further!  Similarly, the “.iwb” file extension is also supported so you can access resources created by educators using other interactive whiteboard manufacturers.

Secondly: Your Freedom of Choice matters to us, so you are welcome to use Workbook with any computer and any interactive display, iwb or other interactive device.  Our philosophy is that we want you to be able to choose your preferred software for use with whatever interactive devices you like.

Helping you to take full advantage of benefits (1) and (2) above, searching for, finding and sharing Workbook files is made really easy through your free membership in the Xorro-ED Community.

Thirdly: Workbook is highly customisable. We know that every teaching situation is different, so why expect the Maths teachers to use the same tools as language teachers? Workbook provides a lot of tools, but far more important is your ease of customising Workbook so your toolbars show only the tools you need and use. Your custom toolbars can also provide one-click links to folders anywhere on your network, so you can instantly find and drag text, image and media resources to your Workbook canvas just when you need to.

Avoid the clutter!

Workbook has plenty of distinguishing features.  The following are just a few of the more popular features which make Workbook so very productive::

Resource Finder

Workbook Resource Finder

Workbook’s Resource Finder is a built-in utility to instantly find copyright filtered image and video resources on the web.

We all know the resources are out there on the web, but how can you find and filter them easily when you need to? Workbook’s Resource Finder lets you instantly find appropriate image and video resources on the web, and drag these to your Workbook canvas. Finder takes care of the copyright filtering and appropriateness checks for you. Save loads of time and become confident in your in-class inquiry searches!

Concept Mapping

Workbook Concept Mapping

Workbook’s integrated concept mapping empowers your group’s brainstorming with intuitive ink-to-text functionality, and easily connects ideas and concepts into flow diagrams.

You’ll love Workbook’s integrated concept-mapping which lets you instantly build mind-maps and structured diagrams on-the-fly. Workbook’s connectors hook together text, shapes, images and media into structured diagrams which can be collapsed or expanded at will. Add links and “jumps”, web content etc to develop your concept maps from 2D visual views, into complete interactive guides.


Live Video Feeds

Workbook Video

Live Video Feeds on Workbook pages can be annotated and captured instantly.

Workbook’s live video and web feeds let you display, annotate, record and capture from multiple web cam (or other camera) feeds right on the canvas. Great for those Science experiments, drama, student presentations!

Participation Tools


Audience responses can be drag-and-dropped right into your Workbook pages (or other software as well). From there, organise these ideas visually, build concept maps etc.

Xorro-Q integrationmeans that your audience will be participating in your Workbook activities using their cellphones, tablets, laptops etc – in fact, any device with an internet connection. Using Workbook’s custom Q-Launchers, you can launch a question to the audience (either an instant question or a pre-prepared one), straight from your Workbook pages.  Participants’ text replies can be dragged and dropped onto Workbook page, or to other software (eg for brainstorming).  Votes are tallied and scored automatically, and results can be displayed to the group. Xorro-Q’s simple dashboard allows the teacher to control what’s on show, see who has or hasn’t responded, and even “mute” inappropriate responders.