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This week Xorro releases version 2.2 of its Workbook whiteboarding software, co-branded Alphateach in the UK and Europe. The new version includes features such as PDF import, enhanced design of the ruler tool, added grid functions and much more.

This week, after months of beta testing and progressive improvements of Workbook 2, Xorro finally released this latest version (2.0) of the powerful whiteboarding software Workbook (alternately branded Alphateach).

So, it’s time to put an image onto your canvas….  manipulate it, change it’s properties etc….

Changeg the size of your icons / buttons on your toolbar to make it easier and more comfortable to use Workbook or AlphaTeach

A simple Sentence Maker activity for your interactive whiteboard or display, using Xorro Workbook / AlphaTeach.

A handy hide and reveal tip demonstrated using Workbook / AlphaTeach.

You can integrate videos into your canvas in Workbook and AlphaTeach, and much more. This video shows you how to pause and replay videos embedded on your canvas; how to annotate over them with digital ink; how take snapshots and build a storyboard…. all in the blink of an eye!

Video demonstrates how you will soon be adding links from any object on your Workbook / AlphaTeach canvas. Links can launch web pages (internal or external browser), or other files on your computer such as slideshows, programs, sounds or videos.

Digital whiteboarding is all about ink and annotation – and its no surprise that this is a strong point for Workbook / AlphaTeach whoteboarding software. Learn to use different pens for different jobs: different colours, line types & thicknesses, opacities….