Xorro-Q is..

Perfect for group brainstorming,
audience polling, surveys and assessments.
Using Xorro-Q's simple on-screen dashboard,
a teacher, trainer or presenter can instantly invite
audience participation.

Participants can receive questions on any browser-
capable device: mobile phones, ipads, tablets,
laptops etc. Responses are instantly available
to display, or to drag-and-drop into other setting.

How Xorro-Q works Benefits Plans & pricing

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How Xorro-Q Works

Facilitator step1

Start Xorro-Q from your desktop

Select your class, and any prepared questions.
Then just run your presentation or interactive
session as normal.

Audience step1

Join the session by scanning the QR code

Using their own devices, participants can instantly
join and identify themselves.

Facilitator step2

Launch an instant question at any time

Xorro-Q's launcher makes it easy to launch
a question to the group, without switching away
from your active display.

Audience step2

Answer the questions on your device

Questions types include multi-choice, multi-select,
& text answer. Questions can be delivered in batches
for "self-paced" activities.


View and share audience feedback

The Xorro-Q response window indicates the participation rate, and displays feedback as it arrives. View votes and opinions, and drag- and-drop to incorporate these into presentations or notes. Choose anonymous activities or identify participants.

Xorro-Q Benefits

Instant / Any-time

Xorro-Q makes it easy to create questions prior to, or during a lesson. Educators can create multi-choice questions for assessment, or open-ended questions that necessitate full text answers.

Multiple locations

Xorro-Q sessions are not restrained to the classroom, with participants in multiple places able to engage in the same session. Teachers can also run sessions outside of lesson time for homework, field trips, or exam revision.

Web facilitator / Results

Xorro-Q saves all results onto a personalised webpage where educations can review and export results, view a live question session, create new questions, and edit student lists.

Integrate with existing software

The Q-Launch floating toolbar provides for easy Xorro-Q integration with your existing software. xorroQ can be used in combination with any programme and provides for answer dragging onto PowerPoint, and IWB software.

Easy to use

Xorro-Q takes virtually no times to setup. with no
download required or special app to be purchased,
students simply login using their device's web browser
or QR code reader.

Bring your own device

Xorro-Q makes use of existing student devices such as
tablet PC's, smart phones, and laptops; allowing for
multi-platform classes (Windows, Mac, Android) to
engage in the same session.

Xorro-Q Plans and Pricing

Annual subscription per facilitator

Facilitators 1+ 5+ 10+ 50+
Up to 30 simultaneous participants
$ 7.92 / month
$ 6.33 / month
Save 20%
$ 5.38 / month
Save 32%
$ 4.59 / month
Save 42%
Up to 100 simultaneous participants
$ 29.17 / month
$ 23.33 / month
Save 20%
$ 19.83 / month
Save 32%
$ 16.92 / month
Save 42%
Up to 300 simultaneous participants
$ 74.17 / month
$ 59.33 / month
Save 20%
$ 50.43 / month
Save 32%
$ 43.02 / month
Save 42%
Up to 1000 simultaneous participants
$ 174.93 / month
$ 139.95 / month
Save 20%
$ 118.95 / month
Save 32%
$ 101.46 / month
Save 42%
Charged annually, prices in USD, shorter terms available.
Prices exclude local taxes (GST, VAT, etc)

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Free users of Xorro-Q enjoy all the functionality of a Q30 plan, but with a limit on the total usage each month.

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