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Facilitators use Xorro-Q to “ask” wide-ranging questions of any audience, and control the participation process. Questions can be spontaneous, or they can be prepared ahead of time. Participants respond using any mobile phone, tablet or computer. No downloads or plug-ins are needed.

Xorro-Q provides instant feedback and assessment to every participant. The optional real-time Leaderboard adds heightened motivation and fun for contests!  Results from questions can be instantly viewed to suit the situation: wordclouds, textstreams, voting bar charts, heatmaps.

Choose between live sessions or self-paced sessions. Your participants can access your activities from anywhere, through any browser.

Introduction to Xorro-Q by Xorro founder Pablo Garcia (video, 2:45). Includes in-class footage and user comments.
Animated video tour (4:03) of Xorro-Q. Features: using Xorro-Q’s Q-Launcher floating toolbar to ask instant or prepared questions at any time; participation dashboard & leaderboard; brainstorms & wordclouds; instant hotspot questions; reports.

Click on the Xorro-Q features listed to reveal more details.

Involve everyone in the audienceUse your existing contentWide choice of question types
Ask Spontaneous (Instant) QuestionsMotivational LeaderboardLive participation dashboard
Simple activity access URLAutomated instant assessmentsTargeted participant feedback
REHEARSE:Practice based learningLive WordcloudsLive image Heatmaps
Q-Bank question searching & sharingInstitution-wide Engagement dashboardRange of plans to suit every need
Publish permalinksSecure access groupsExtensive reports

Compare Plans

Join Xorro as a Free Facilitator to create activities and run them with your participants, so long as your largest group of participants does not exceed 33 persons and so long as you “ask” no more than 100 questions in a month. The following Plans enable Facilitators to work with larger groups of participants, and to “ask” unlimited numbers of questions.
Learn more about Facilitator Plans · Charge participants for access to activities: Participant Fee Options

Getting Started

To start using Xorro-Q you’ll need to sign up as a Free Facilitator.

You can join an existing institution account, or create a new one.  If you want to join an existing Institution account, there may be a delay while an Institution Manager approves your request. Who are the Institution Managers at my organisation?

By default, your account will be set up as a “Free Facilitator.” You’ll need a plan assigned if you want to work with groups of more than 30 participants, or if you need to ask more than 100 questions per month.  You can buy plans for your Institution, and then assign them to your Facilitator account.   Xorro-Q Licensing and Pricing Explained Facilitator Plans

Once you have an account with us, log in to your Facilitator site at https://qf.xorro.com. That’s where you will be creating activities, launching self-paced activities, setting up your LMS connectivity, organising participant groups, viewing results etc. You can also run live activities from your Facilitator site however there is an even better way: just download the optional Q-Launcher from the right hand side of your Facilitator site’s home page.

You’ll quickly become familiar with Xorro-Q through just using it. The following guides will help you with most initial questions you might have. If your question is not answered in the following articles, please search for an answer on Xorro’s on-line help pages (if you login on that page, you’ll get context-sensitive help too). If you have checked through these resources and still cannot find what you need, please send us a message!

FacilitatorsInstitution Managers & Administrators

Becoming a Facilitator

Get started with Instant Activities

Preparing activities

Setting up participants and groups

Running your live sessions

Using Q-Bank to find & manage questions

Results, dashboards & reports

What can Institution Managers do in Xorro-Q?

Creating & editing Facilitator accounts in Xorro-Q

Assigning Plans to Users

Consequences of using Alias logins only

Institution Settings: Participant Login Methods

Integrating Xorro-Q with your LMS

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