Peer Assessment Activities

Peer Assessment
Peer Assessment using Xorro-Q complements Team Based Learning

Xorro-Q’s Peer Assessment activities make team assessments easy and  powerful.  Students are auto-prompted to complete surveys providing both developmental feedback to their peers, and quantitative ratings on relative contribution in various dimensions.  Instructors track progress through a dashboard, receiving alerts where attention is needed.   Summary outputs are produced as well as detailed insights into group and individual metrics.

Developed in partnership with Peer Assess Pro, Xorro-Q’s Peer Assessment activities are perfect for formative and summative assessments of teams and their members.

Peer Assessment benefits:
• Automatic alerts identify at risk students
• In-depth Reporting
• Individual Grade Determination
• Improved teacher efficiency

To use Peer Assessments as an instructor join Xorro as a Free Facilitator in your Institution. It will cost you absolutely nothing, regardless of the size of your class: You will receive your first year of Peer Assessments for free!(see footnote * on other options).

The following help articles will get you started with your Peer Assessments in Xorro:

Running Peer Assessments from Xorro-Q

What is the purpose of peer assessment?

What questions are asked in the peer assessment survey?

* Note: Depending on the number of participants in your group (for example, the number of students in your course) there may be charges if you wish to use some of the other Xorro-Q functionality.  Examples of other Xorro-Q benefits which might attract a charge include running brainstorms or assessment activities with large live audiences (more than 33 participants), or running other large activities which involve asking more than 100 questions per month (peer assessment activities excluded from this count). For pricing on comprehensive access to all Xorro-Q functionality, see Xorro-Q Plans and Pricing Explained

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