Engineering student working on a Rehearse challenge

Experiential learning of threshold concepts in engineering

Engineering student uses her mobile phone to Rehearse
Repeated exposures to common engineering problems helps students develop intuition around underlying concepts.
Learners build confidence through practice at their own pace: anytime, anywhere.
Instant scoring and detailed feedback motivate learners to keep rehearsing
Use questions "live" in class activities, or as self-paced practice activities

40+ activities; 100's of questions:

beam deflections, shear forces, bending moments, column buckling, many beam & frame examples, qualitative analysis....
and a lot more!

The Professor’s unpaid assistant

Rehearse helps to eliminate the effort & tedium in supporting learners to practice core concepts.

Rehearse enables students to help themselves, by applying what you teach in your first year structures course. Hundreds of questions across dozens of activities help students to cement the principles and behaviours of structures into a cohesive understanding. These can be used in class, or assigned as practice-based homework. Rehearse automatically assesses every students’ work, and provides guiding feedback. You can determine whether students can repeat, and if they do how their “scores” are to be treated. Assessments (scores, or just activity counts) can be automatically applied to the students’ grades in your Learning Management System.

Best of all, Rehearse provides you with critical insights into what areas are not being understood, and enables you to focus your in-class time on what matters most.

That way, your students will not just pass the exam; they will also excel in the years to come.

Consider Rehearse your personal assistant.

The Students’ personal tutor

Some things just take practice.

Many of the concepts in your engineering classes are about much more than just the maths. It’s easy to get confused with all the rules, nomenclatures, signs and conventions… but getting these right is made easier when you really understand the underlying concepts.

Rehearse lets you experiment with the principles being taught in class, by trying them out on a range of common problems. You’ll get instant scoring and feedback on every question. With practice, and increasing success, the concepts will become familiar and then intuitive to you. You’ll be amazed how fun and rewarding it is, and how it lifts your exam performance too. Your colleagues will be coming to you for explanations!

Rehearse helps you focus on what you need most, at your own pace. It’s your personal tutor.


The engineering students of University of Auckland have spoken.

The results reveal an overwhelming support and enthusiasm for the use of Rehearse (they know it only as Xorro-Q).:

  • 97% found the practice activities helpful for learning and practicing concepts
  • 93% think that using the tool will have helped their chances in achieving high marks in Structures.

Read more about the survey here.

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