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Do you often wonder why do many students fail to grasp the underlying meaning of the core concepts well enough to apply them in practice? You have practically spoon fed them with formulas and lecture notes, and still not enough. It is clearly an issue of practice. Limited time, lack of motivation and inadequate resources restrict your students from practicing.

Rehearse is here to help! Rehearse is a collection of activities about equilibrium, free body diagrams, beam bending theory, deflections, buckling of columns, analysis of indeterminate structures, shear stresses, and a lot more. It aims to expand and improve your students’ understanding of structural behaviour.

Rehearse share the same belief as yours – that learning is more than just knowing; it is understanding why something is the way it is, it is understanding how it works, and understanding why it matters. Through Rehearse, your students will truly understand these fundamental concepts. Rehearse gives you the assurance of bringing about better engineers into the world. And, it allows you to focus more time on value-adding activities. It’s your personal associate. Try it now!