Q's Institution Dashboard Provides Insight to Faculty Managers

Q's Institution Dashboard Provides Insight to Faculty Managers

22 Aug 2014        Xorro

Xorro's Institution Dashboard (released July) provides an instant view on the participant experience over multiple sessions and across multiple facilitators in an institution.

As Faculty managers work to maximise student retention and to provide a competitive offering, they are helped by metrics which describe the learning experience in terms indicative of student motivation.  One such metric is the extent to which students have oppotunities to participate and interact anonymously with the learning material, during class.

Xorro-Q's Dashboard informs a Faculty Manager at a glance of the frequency of participation opportunities in each of the faculty's courses, and the propensity of the students to take up these opportunities.

Using Xorro-Q in class has been shown to greatly enhance student motivation: the instant feedback and the social qualities associated with Xorro-Q have attracted strong student endorsement, while the rich data provided in class enables the educator to provide a much more focused and responsive lecture experience.

Under-scoring the Xorro-Q dashboard's value is the proposition that motivated students are more likely to attend, pay attention more closely in class, prepare more thoroughly, and ultimately achieve better academically.  Reports enable faculty managers to identify early in the semester, any students whose attendance and participation patterns signal difficulties in engaging with the material or with the lcturer.