How can we improve the fairness and quality of feedback provided to students participating in teamwork?

Xorro-Q now provides a comprehensive Peer Assessment tool which helps educators and instructors use peer feedback to support team-based learning and improve group projects and student team outcomes. Students provide both developmental feedback to their peers, and a quantitative rating providing fair grades based on relative contribution.

Developed in partnership with Peer Assess Pro, the Peer Assessment module is perfect for formative and summative assessments.

Peer Assessment benefits:
• Automatic alerts identify at risk students
• In-depth Reporting
• Individual Grade Determination
• Improved teacher efficiency

Current Xorro-Q users will appreciate the ease of clicking a button to instantly send a prescribed survey to all students in the class. The new Peer Assessment activity makes it easy to manage the completion of the survey by every student, automatically analysing all responses to identify any areas needing action. A summary output is generated for each student providing peer-informed guidance on areas of strength and weakness. Instructors receive comprehensive insights into each team and each student, as well as summary data which can be used to moderate assignment marks or course grades.