Numeric Question Frequency Chart

Numeric and Text response questions now have results aggregated into frequency charts displaying the most frequently submitted “terms”.

As many users have noticed, the presentation of Results from text and numeric questions has changed recently. The new format enhances your ability to instantly interpret a large group’s response to these question types.

As before, the “Results – By Participant” tab provides raw data for every participant and each question, in the form of a table. The cells in the table contain the text or numeric ‘strings” submitted by the participant(s), along with the assessed result.

Until now, the aggregated view of this data simply displayed a stream of response strings.  There was no aggregation of similar responses (although we did mark those which were assessed as “correct” in a different color).

Now, the “Results – By Question” tab on your Results page provides an improved analysis of how the group responded to a text or numeric question. A frequency bar chart indicates the most frequently submitted “strings”, clustered by “assessment term” where available. This allows interpretation at a glance of the most common errors being made in submissions.

For open text response questions, the option to view the group’s result as a wordcloud remains available.  However, the frequency with which responded used a “correct” term will be aggregated, and “incorrect” terms similarly have their respective frequencies of use indicated.