Can multiple facilitators work with the same group (or course)?

The short answer is, yes.  However, the following notes explain some practicalities:

  • A core concept in Xorro-Q is that a Facilitator “runs” (or "starts") an activity, which is then "owned" by that Facilitator.  Any Results (ie participant responses) associated with that activity can only be seen by the Facilitator who ran it.  This is to protect participants’ data. 
  • Another core concept is that a Facilitator can only have one real-time activity running at a time.  This is because the Facilitator is required to actively launch any questions or batches in a real-time activity.  It would not make sense to have the Facilitator doing something else!

The above constraints can can lead to some issues where multiple facilitators are co-managing a course of study (ie a "group" for Xorro's purposes).  Specifically: where an activity has been started by one Facilitator,  only that Facilitator's login can be used to access participants' results associated with that activity.  Also, only that login can edit or manage that running activity.

To get around this, sometimes a shared Facilitator login is used where it is desirable to have multiple facilitators able to simultaneously manage an activity ( and view results). Being logged in to the same running activity  using the site, multiple facilitators (using the same login) can successfully coordinate their efforts.   Naturally, any action taken by any user of the same Facilitator login has equal weight and will be acted upon! 

Some further care is needed in the case of two persons using the same Facilitator login to access a running real-time activity:

  • Where a first Facilitator starts a real-time session using Q-Launcher, subsequent facilitators (using the same login) can browse to the page and access the Running Activity.  
  • User in Session


    Where a first Facilitator logs in to the site and launches a real-time activity from there, and then a second Facilitator (using the same login) opens Q-Launcher, the second facilitator will receive the following alert: "There's a running activity associated with this account.  Do you wish to continue this activity? "  There are two options offered: "Yes", and "Close activity".  If the second facilitator chooses "Yes", the Q-Launcher session will join the session created by the first facilitator.  If on the other hand the second facilitator chooses "close activity", the first facilitator's session (launched from will be closed and the Q-Launcher session then becomes the running real-time activity.


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