Setting default page and text (font) values in Workbook & AlphaTeach

In Workbook and AlphaTeach, the default page and default font value can be set in two ways...

1. Within the software:

To change the choice of default page size and orientation: Go to the Tools>Options menu.  The first tab allows change of the default page size and orientation (there are many other behaviours and user presentation parameters which can be set in this and other tabs).  These settings will apply to the curent session but will not be retained after the document is closed unless the document is saved.  The act of saving the document will apply the chosen values to become defaults for any new documents.

To change the choice of default font and font colour:  In any document, add a "Text" button to your Personal Toolbar.  Right-click on the button to set its properties.  Select the desired font and font colour for the default font and font colour.  Then type some characters onto the document and confirm the settings are as desired.  Once happy, you must save the document to apply the settings as defaults.  (You can always deleted the saved document later).

2. Changing values directly in the configuration files: 

When Workbook (or AlphaTeach) opens, it acquires its default values from the following configuration files: FigureTools.ini; PersonalToolbar.xml; Spotlight.xml; Workbook.ini.  Depending on whether you are using Xorro Workbook or AlphaTeach, these files are found in one of the following folder locations:

C:\Users\User\AppData\Roaming\Xorro Workbook\
C:\Users\User\AppData\Roaming\Alpha Teach\

Note that these locations may differ if your software has not been installed using the default Windows folder destinations.

The initial font and font colour values are stored in the file FigureTools.ini. Open this file with any text editor such as Notepad or Wordpad (do not use Word).  Scroll down until you find the section headed [Text].  It should look similar to the following:


Fill = 255,255,255,255
Stroke = 0,0,0,255
FillLabel = 0,0,128,255
StrokeWidth = 1
StrokeStyle = Solid
Alpha = 1
StartMarker = None
EndMarker = None
FontName = Calibri
Bold = False
Italics = False
Underline = False
Strikethrough = False

The lines which relate to the initial font settings are those indicated above in red.

Make sure that you use the font name precisely as it appears in your fonts directory.  Save the file making sure not to retain the .ini extension.  Then close and re-start Workbook (AlphaTeach) to observe the new setting..


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