My Workbook / Alphateach document does not display the same way it did when created

Sometimes a user complains that a document created on one computer does not display correctly on a different computer.  The text is grossly magnified relative to shapes, images and lines drawn on the pages.  The distortion can completely ruin the purpose of the document.  This is a known frustration, but is easily avoided if you know the cause.
The problem has to do with the computers being set to different display magnification preferences:
In Windows 10, right-click your display and select "Display Settings".  In the popup window which presents, under "Scale and Layout", note the field titled "Change the size of text, apps and other items".  There is a range of magnification options available from the drop-down selector, including the recommended one of 100%.
If a document is created on one display magnification setting but then opened on a computer using a dfifferent setting, the result will be that the text in the document will be enlarged.  However, since the document remains locked to the desired size (by default, A4) this may conflict with other layout considerations intended by the author, specifically the placement and size of the text relative to other objects on the page.
If the document is opened on any computer with its display magnification set to the same display magnification as that used when the document was created, then it will display correctly.
IMPORTANT NOTE:  It is not enough to simply change the setting while the document is open.  Workbook / Alphateach must be restarted after the magnification setting is changed, in order for it to take effect.
For the avoidanvce of any problems, the use of the recommended display setting of 100% is of course promoted.  However if a different setting is preferred then using this across the entire workgroup (including both the authoring and presenting computers) should avoid any presentation problems.  If a particular computer's setting is different by preference, then quickly adjusting this before opening the document is suggested in order to avoid presentation problems.

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