Adding new categories to your Q-Bank

Facilitators are able to add additional second- and third-level categories, which will appear only in their own Q-Bank views (ie these customised categories will not be visible to other Facilitators).  To do so, click on the Tool icon to the right of the "Categories" heading. 
In the pop-up form, select the category level below which your new category will lie.  For example, if you want to add a new category such as "Danish" under the top level category "Languages", click on ":Languages".  If you wish to add a new category such as "Vocabulary" under the existing second-level category "Spanish", click on the category "Spanish". 
Enter the name of your new category into the field provided on the right side of the form, and select "Create Category" to create it.  Your new category will appear in the desired position.  If tyou need to edit the name or to delete the new category, you can do so by selecting it and either choosing "Edit" or pressing the "Delete" symbol.

Categories: Xorro-Q, Facilitators.
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