Custom Facilitator URL

As you know by now, your Facilitator URL stays with you. It is a consistent address at which today’s participants, and future participants, will find activities which you have prepared for them.

By default, Xorro assigns a randomly generated string to follow “” as your Facilitator URL. Your participants will end up being directed to a page with a URL such as, or, or even Hardly memorable…. And it’s likely that as a result there will be more errors made when typing such strings into a browser.

We would be delighted to change this for you, by setting up a customised Facilitator URL of your choosing. The first of the URL will remain the same ( – however you might prefer your name, your brand, or your topic to follow instead of the randomly generated strong.

The cost for us to set this up is minimal: $75USD. The benefits of course, are that your URL will be more memorable and might also be easier for participants to reach if they avoid errors as a result.

To order your own Facilitator URL, please email us telling us your preferred three choices:

We will check to see if these are available, in order of your preference. If one of them is, we will send an email back to you with an invitation to buy that URL through our storefront.

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