Your Customer Key

What is my Customer Key?

A Customer Key is a unique 16 character code provided to an organisation which is licensed to install and use Xorro Workbook or Alpha Teach whiteboarding software. 

 The Customer Key is unique to the organisation.  It should be kept secure, since it's use will irrevocably reduce the number of activations left on the Customer's license for the software.

Your organisation was provided with a Customer Key when the licensing was first deployed.  This may have been through the dealer that prolvided associated interactive hardware (interactive whiteboards or displays).  The dealer will have nominated someone within your organisation as an "Institution Manager".  That person will have received the Customer Key.  

You can ask your dealer to re-send your Customer Key to you.  Otherwise, you can have it re-sent to the nominated "Institution Manager" in your organisation.

Using the Customer Key

Customers must use their Customer Key to activate new installations of the software (in network deployments this can be semi-automated such that the end user does not need the key to progress the activation on a computer).  

Customers can also use their Customer Key online at to check their entitlements to software versions and to access downloads.  

Customers also use their Customer Key to subscribe to continuing software support.



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