Becoming a Facilitator

Xorro-Q in 7 Bites

1. Becoming a Facilitator
2. Get started with Instant Activities
3. Preparing activities
4. Setting up participants and groups
5. Running your live sessions
6. Using Q-Bank to find & manage questions
7. Results, dashboards & reports

1. Becoming a Facilitator

Who's a Facilitator? • Facilitator PlansYour Facilitator URLComing Up

Who's a Facilitator? You might be a university lecturer or a school teacher; a professional speaker or trainer; a marketing consoultant running a focus group. Think of a "Facilitator" as someone who guides or leads a group of people through some sort of a dialogue or activity. It might be a brainstorm... a poll or survey within a presentation... or a test or quiz. The emphasis is on enabling the risk-free, easy and instant participation of every single Participant.

Xorro-Q makes that easy, and instant. Using Xorro-Q, you can run completely anonymous activities, with no preparation whatsoever. Alternatively, you might prefer to track and automatically assess responses and engagement over many sessions, to observe how identified participants and groups develop. It's entirely up to you. Whatever your needs, our mission is to make it easy and flexible for you, the Facilitator.

Facilitator Plans: All Facilitator (including Free Facilitators) have full access to Xorro-Q's functionality. The Plan assigned to the Facilitator determines the size of audience with which that Facilitator can work using Xorro-Q (ie the maximum number of respondents in any one session). To “run” activities with participants accessing them, you’ll need to be assigned a Plan with enough capacity for your largest audience.

The Plan assigned to you is displayed at the top right hand corner of your QF page ( Plans can be reassigned instantly by any Xorro administrator. The following in your Institution are set up as Xorro administrators: Institution Manager.

Your Facilitator URL is: This is the url your participants will browse to in order to join and participate in your sessions. It is unique to you, and it stays with you. You can ask us to customise your Facilitator URL for a small once-off fee.

Coming up: Your next installment in "Xorro-Q in 7 Bites" is all about getting started with Instant Activities. You don't need to put any effort in at all to start using Xorro-Q with your audiences. No preparation of activities... no setting up of audiences. Just launch a Xorro-Q session using the Q-Launcher, and start interacting!

This installment will arrive in a few days. Check it out now if you want to read ahead !

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