Customised Participant Themes

It is possible to customise your participants' experience when visiting your activities, by preparing your own custom Participant Theme. 

To set up a custom Participant Theme, you'll need to supply us with some details on colours and images you would like to use.  After checking through your requirements, we will implement yourr theme.  

Please ask us about charges which might apply to this.

Choose your theme colors for each of the following:

  • Background - behind, below, around the "page" (Xorro standard #616161)
  • Page color (Xorro standard: white #FFFFFF)
  • Accent color for alternate background and for headline text (Xorro standard: burnt orange #D54C2B)
  • Text colour on accent background (Xorro standard: white #FFFFFF)
  • Primary accent text: Text color for questions (Xorro standard: white #5C5C5C)
  • Secondary accent used for buttons and for instruction text (Xorro standard: #00B2E3)

Supply your images for the following:

  • Logo, used at upper right of Welcome and Results pages (80px x 60px).
  • Waiting for Question image - appears on participant screen in RealTime sessions only, between batches (max. size 75px x 75px).
  • Question Icon: Appears immediatekly to left of every question number on question pages (max. size 36px x 36px).











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