Report: Gradebook

The Gradebook report allows you to view a table of participant results across multiple activities.


Available Filters

Result Type:

  • Score - shows the percentage achieved for each activity
  • Participation - shows the percentage of questions answered (regardless of whether the answer was correct or not). Answering a single question multiple times does not affect this value.
  • Raw Score - shows the actual score achieved. The activity Max Score shows the maximum score if all questions were answered correctly
  • Raw Participation - shows the count of questions answered. The activity Questions Asked shows the maximum number of questions that could be answered


  • If no group is selected: All activities and all participants are shown.
  • When a group is selected: Only activities assigned to the selected group are shown. An activity login type (ID, Group only etc) does not have any influence on this filter. Only participants currently in the selected group are shown. Where a participant, who is not in the group, has answered an activity they will not be visible in this report.


This shows only activities run by the selected facilitator. This option is only available to institution managers.

Date Range:

This limits the list of activities to those that were running at any point during this time period. Note: It does not filter the results from those activities, so answers submitted out side the time period will be counted.


Any page of this report can be exported as a .csv file for use in any spreadsheet application.

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