How do I check that a Xorro-Q assignment running from the LMS is presenting the way I expect it to for students?

Facilitators can use an LMS such as Canvas or Moodle to run Xorro-Q activities.  This is done by creating an assignment in the LMS, and then selecting Xorro-Q as an external tool to run it.  The assignment is then linked to a LTI activity in Xorro-Q.  Only activities set up as "LTI" activities can be linked for integration to the LMS in this way.

The students will only be able to access this assignment by logging in through the LMS.   The Facilitator URL, which is used by participants to access activities which are not LTI-linked, will not display an LTI-linked activity.  This is to enforce the integration of data with the LMS.

A frequent frustration expressed by facilitators using LTI to run Xorro activities from their LMS, is that they want to be able to check how students experience the assignment.  Canvas (and other LMS alternatives) provide a student's eye view of the assignment link and pages in the LMS, however clicking the link to the Xorro-Q activity will deliver an ID login form instead of linking to the student view of the activity.  This is because the Facilitator (not a student) is logged in to the LMS, and therefore the LMS is unable to pass a genuine student credential to Xorro-Q.  In some cases, enterring a valid student ID into the Xorro-Q login will not work either - particularly if it is the first time that that student ID has been used in Xorro-Q to access an activity linked to the relevant Group (or course). 

Explanation:  In an LTI activity, the LMS system "enrolls" students one by one into the group in Xorro-Q as the students click on the link to the activity.  The LMS takes care of authenticating who has access to the activity, and Xorro-Q just accepts the students' credentials passed on by the LMS, and adds these as participants in the group which is authorised to access the LTI activity.  This process (of enrolling the student in the group) only takes place when the student is actually logged in to the LMS, and clicks on the activity link (in the assignment).  If it's an instructor who has logged in to the LMS, and who then uses "student view" to click on the activity link, no credentials are passed across, so Xorro naturally requests the incoming participant to identify (hence the login form).  

The only reliable way to view a student view of the activity is to log in to the LMS as a student, and follow the student process of clicking through the assignment to the Xorro-Q activity.  You might prefer to have a test student ID set up for this purpose.

Where to find "student view" in Canvas:

In Canvas, you can view an assignment as though you were a student, even though you do not have  a student access.  If you have a lecturer or admin or probably other “higher” access rights to the assignment (in the course) then do the following to get a “student view”:

  1.  Log in to Canvas
  2. Select your course
  3. Go to “Settings” (bottom item in left hand menu)
  4. Top right, see menu headed “Share to Commons” – select the second item: “Student View”

You are now in student view.  It is made obvious by the pink frame.  Student mode is obviously quite restricted (ie to what students can do).  To exit and return to your normal mode, select “Leave student view” at the bottom of the frame.


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