How do participants with Plus accounts see their past result history?

If an activity can be accessed only by members of a group which is subject to a fee policy, then all members  of that group will have Plus accounts.

With a Plus account, the participants can view their personal results history: In other words, they can see a log of all of their past attempts on Xorro-Q activities; they can see an instant summary of their score; they can also drill into the linked activity result to view the individual question response data..

There are two ways for a Plus account participant to see their history:

1. Log in directly at  Upon logging in, select "View Results" from the menu.

Activity Finished page (Plus account)2. At the end of every activity, the Participant will see an "Activity Finished" page summarising their responses to that activity.  In the case of a participant with a Plus account, they will see a button linking them to their Plus account (see image).  This will take them to the Plus accounts login form at which they must login, then select "View Results" from the menu.



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