Usage Time Series Reports

The Usage Time Series reports indicate intensity of usage of Xorro-Q over a selected time period, by the selected facilitator or aggregated over the entire institution. The period selected can be calendar month, week (7 days commencing 12:00am on Sunday morning ), or day (24-hour period from midnight to midnight).  Because the start and end points for these reports are defined strictly for comparison purposes it is not possible to apply the date filters to these reports.

Fields reported in the Time Series table are as follows:

  • Activities run:  The count of activities launched during the time period which have received Results (ie which have had participant responses recorded)..  This is based on the activity Start Date field. 

  • Participants: The total number of distinct (unique) participants logging in to the activities during the time period.  In the case of participants using alias access, each login is a unique participant.  However in the case of participants who login using an ID, a logged in participant is only counted once regardless of how many times the participant has logged in during the period.
  • Questions Asked:  This is the count of all questions asked during the period.  (Note: this is not the same as "Question Impressions", which combines Questions Asked with the number of participants in groups of which the questions have been asked).
  • Answers Submitted:  The count of all answers submitted by participants to questions during the period.
  • Active Facilitators: This is the count of unique Facilitators who have launched at least one activity during the period, including only activities which have received Results (ie which have had participant responses recorded).

Below the Time Series table are listed three additional pieces of information:

Biggest activity:  That activity launched during the selected time period which has had the largest number of (unique) participants logged in.

Busiest Activity: That activity launched during the time period which has had the most answers submitted to questions.  This may be different to the "Biggest" activity in that an activity may have a lesser nunmber of participants but have asked more questions (and received more answers in total).

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