Likert Scale Question

A Likert Scale question is a special form of multiple choice question for a single response, in which the options are organised in a balanced Likert Scale.  The author may choose the most appropriate Likert Scale from the range of available scales (all having five options distributed between two extreme positions:

  • Agreement: Strongly Agree - Strongly Disagree
  • Frequency: Always - Never
  • Frequency: Almost Always - Almost Never
  • Importance: Very Important - Unimportant
  • Likelihood: Almost Always True - Almost Never True
  • Likelihood: Very Likely - Very Unlikely
  • Quality: Excellent - Extremely Poor
  • Truth: Completely True - Completely Untrue
  • Difficyulty: Very Difficult - Very Easy
  • Comparison: Much Less - Much More
  • Comparison: Much Better - Much Worse

There is no "correct answer" option, nor is there any scoring option provided for use with Likert questions.  If these aere required, Facilitators should use a multiple choice question type instead.




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