Using tolerances in Numeric Response Questions

It is possible to specify a tolerance for a numeric response question; answers within the tolerance will be assessed as "correct" and reported as such.  Tolerance may be set as a +/-integer value or as a +/- % of the correct value.  If one of these is set, its equivalent will be calculated and displayed in the corresponding field.

Important: When setting tolerance using the integer value, be aware that the tolerance accepts values within the prescribed limits.  A response qual to the prescribed limit will be assessed as wrong.

Example:  A question has a correct value of 2001, and tolerance set at +/- 1.  (The equivalent tolerance of +/-0.049975% is displayed in the proportional tolerance field). Any response greater than 2000 and less than 2002 will be assessed as correct.  A participant's answer of 2002 will be marked wrong (as it is equal to the tolerance value, but not within the range).  

Categories: Xorro-Q, Facilitators.