When a Participant logs in to a particular Self-Paced or Real-Time activity, Xorro-Q reports that participant as "attending". This metric is particularly useful where an activity is assigned to a group. In such a case, the attendance can be assessed relative to the possible attendance (logically, the total number of people enrolled in that group). When applied to a time interval, Attendance is determined by assessing the maximum potential logins to each activity in the interval, and dividing this into the actual logins recorded.

Participants who are "attending" can then be assessed for their Engagement in an activity. Participants who are "not attending" cannot be assessed for their Engagement on the engagement scale.

Example: Group X has 150 participants enrolled. 2 activities are offered in a specified interval. 120 participants login at the first and 100 login to the 2nd. This results in an average "Not Attending" score of 27%.

Categories: Xorro-Q, Facilitators.