Participation Rate

The Participation Rate is defined as the Total Answers divided by the Total Question Impressions.


  • An activity consists of a single question, asked of 820 participants. 650 Answers are received. The Participation Rate PR = 650/820 = 79%.

  • In the month of March, Group "X" (total enrolment of 165 participants) was asked a total of 48 questions by 6 different facilitators in 12 different activities. Considering the number of people from Group X actually attending each activity and present when each question was asked, the total Question Impressions amounted to 6960. Across all activities, a combined total Answers amounted to 5825, yielding a PR=84%. This participation rate is of course an average applying to the entire period (a month) and to all the Facilitators and activities run by them for this group in that month.

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