How can I..... Just try "Xorro-Q" in class, without preparing anything?

A: Download and install Q-Launcher, and use it to start an activity and ask "Instant Questions."

1. Download the Q-Launcher desktop toolbar from, and install this (versions are available for either Windows or Mac OS).

2. At the start of class, double-click the Launcher icon (Fox) and login as a Facilitator.  Choose the Group (if you have created one – if not, just accept the default settings), and press "Start".

3. Click on the Fox at the top of the toolbar, to collapse the toolbar to a tile; drag the tile to a convenient location on your desktop for later access.  Start your presentation.

4. Whenever you want to ask a question of your audience, just click on the Fox tile to expand the toolbar, and select the question type (multi-choice or text response).

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