How can I.....Make sure my participants are recognized and organised into groups

By ensuring your Participants are in groups, you can support long term tracking of data contributed by Participants. This in turn enables close monitoring of engagement levels as well as results from the activities.

To set up your groups:

  • Browse to the Facilitator web site: 
  • Login using your Xorro-Q login and password.
  • Select "Participants" tab.
  • From the Groups pane in the left of the screen, click "New" to create your group (or class)
  • Add participants to this group….
  • …. either manually using "add participant" for each participant,
  • …. or import a complete class list as follows:  Create an Excel file with all of your participants in it.  Name the first column "First", second column "last", and third column "ID".  Add first and last names and participant id for all of the participants in the class.  Save this file as a CSV file.  Import the CSV file into the group you have created.

To Import a Group to another Class:

  • Open the Group which needs to be imported
  • Click the Checkboxes to select the group members
  • Click "Add To Group" Button
  • "Add selected participants to group" option appears. Select the Group/ Groups where the members will be imported. And click "Add to Group" button.

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