Xorro-Q Launcher

Xorro-Q Launcher is a desktop application used to launch Xorro activities in session. In this capacity, it is generally used by the Facilitator instead of the Xorro-QF web site.

Xorro-Q Launcher provides a simple collapsible toolbar to launch Instant Questions, and a storyboard allowing the Facilitator to select and launch a pre-prepared question or batch. Q-Launcher's dashboard is very space economic, and provides very effective process management during the session. Most importantly, Xorro-Q Launcher collapses into a small floating tile which can be accessed at any time during a presentation or lecture.

Xorro-Q Launcher is not essential to using Xorro-Q, since all of its functionality is also available to the facilitator through a browser at the QF web site.

By choosing to use Xorro-Q Launcher, the Facilitator can focus the display on other contexts such as a slideshow or video or working document, rather than having the display occupied by a browser displaying the QF web site's activity running page.

Xorro-Q Launcher is available for Windows and Macintosh computers.

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