How can I.....View Results from a past activity

When you have "run" an activity (a set of questions) with participants, and responses of some sort have been received from the participants, Xorro saves the outcome as a "Result".

(Note: If no responses have been given by participants, then of course no "Result" is saved).

Results, therefore, are the convergence of an Activity (ie the question set), with an event (ie date and time) and with a set of participants (who may or may not be pre-registered in a "group").

To find and explore your Results, browse to the Facilitator web site:

  • Login using your Xorro-Q login and password.
  • Select "Activities" tab.
  • From the "Activities" pane on the left side select "Results"
  • Results can be selected after sorting on the basis of "Name" and "Newest"
  • Select the desired result or results from "Results"
  •  "Export" the "Results" if desired

"Results" are downloaded in .zip format.  On extracting the downloaded zip file, "reports" can be viewed in Excel format or as web file (html).  Two reports present the raw data as follows:

  • report_byParticipation
  • report_byQuestion

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