The Engagement Reports indicate low attendance levels for some groups and some facilitators, yet I know this is not correct.

A: In Xorro-Q, "Attendance" is determined by the participant logging in to an activity. Thus, a person may be present physically but cannot "attend" the activity unless they have a browser and have logged in.

Certain circumstances can lead to very low attendance values. Using mixed login types (ie where both alias and id are allowed) has the effect of reducing attendance, since alias logins cannot be recorded as group members.

Another in-class practice which will distort the attendance data greatly is creating additional participants to act as a "sub-group". In this case, the majority of the class will not be logging in to activities as individuals when these "sub-group" participants log in, and therefore the non-attending level to these group activities will be very high. It is recommended instead to create real groups and assign the activity to those groups in such a case.

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