What is Xorro-Q?

Xorro-Q is a LIVE ("real-time") audience response solution designed to make presentations, lectures, conferences and lessons more involving. Xorro-Q enables participants in any audience to interact with a presenter's computer, using their personal browser-capable mobile devices: mobile phones, tablets, laptops or PCs.  Use Xorro-Q to run quizzes,  facilitate brainstorms, and formatively assess your audience by asking instant questions as you progress through a presentation or lesson.  Xorro-Q provides insightful longitudinal reports on engagement and performance for every participant.

The benefit for presenters and institutions is that Xorro-Q improves student retention in courses and achieves improved learning outcomes from groups. Institution managers receive deep insights into the audience experience, and participants report strong motivational value from using Xorro-Q in sessions. 

Xorro-Q has strongest applications in tertiary and secondary education as well as in any corporate setting where automated audience assessment is desirable. In addition, publishers and authors are using Xorro-Q to provide a game-like auto-assessment experience complement their e-books and articles. Xorro-Q’s motivational game-like approach is also helpful for distribution businesses seeking to influence and train their channel sales people.

Xorro-Q is developed by Xorro Solutions Limited, a Manzana partner.

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