Recovering a Forgotten Username or Password

If you forget your password, just go to the usual login form: Browse to, and when the login form appears, select "Forgot your password?" link.  In the following form, enter your email address.  Provided that this matches the email address set up in your profile, an email will be sent to you identifying your username, and providing a link through which you can change your password.

Still having trouble:

If you forget your username and the email which was associated with it, then you need to check in with your Institution Manager.  Don't create a new "Free Facilitator" account! as there's no way to merge the data from that account with your past account data.  To maintain continuity, it's best you make use of your original account.

If you do not know who your Institution Manager might be, please email us for help.  Remember to tell us your organisation's name, city, country, your name, and your return email address.  We'll do our best to put you in touch with one of your Institution Managers.

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