Asking Instant Questions

Ask instant questions any time, and from any context (eg your slide shows, videos' concept maps etc).Q-Launcher floating toolbar

An "instant" question is typically one asked spontaneously, ie without advance preparation.  However it nmight also be a question asked from within a slide show, or written up on a whiteboard.....   Xorro's Q-Launcher floating toolbar make it especially easy to ask an instant question (or a pre-prepared one, for that matter!) at any time.  

Xorro-Q has been expressly designed to enable you to ask instant questions really easily: it's literally just a single button press on the Q-Launcher floating toolbar.  You can choose between multiple choice responses (select from 2 to 5 choices), text responses (button toggles to select numeric responses), or image "hotspot" responses.  On "asking" your question, Xorro-Q can record a screen snap of your screen to save along with participants' responses. 


Instant questions can also be instantly assessed!   Just right click on the correct column of the multiple choice response graph, watch it turn green - and all your participants will automatically receive their scores!


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