Welcome to New Facilitator

Customer,  you are enrolled as a Facilitator under [INSTITUTION]'s Xorro account.

Your login and password have been sent to you.  Note that passwords are case sensitive!  Please change your password as soon as possible. Do this by editing your Profile.

Your Facilitator URL is : q.xorro.com/ABCD (This is the url your participants browse to in order to join and participate in your sessions).

Your login enables you to create and edit activities, and to enrol participants and groups of participants.  You can then run your activities (either in live audience sessions or as self-paced, or practice, activities) so that participants can access these in ways which you can specify.  If you are working with large groups (over 33 participants) or if you need to ask lots of questions (more than 100 per month) then you will need a Plan to maintain uninterrupted easy use of Xorro-Q.  Otherwise, the Free Facilitator plan will enable you to do everything.  Learn about plans....

Some ideas on how you might use Xorro-Q:

- Run live quizzes, contests or assessment games;
- Ask instant questions of your participants to assist with formative assessment practice;
- Prepare self-paced activities for participants to answer in their own time.


Please feel free to request help if you need it; we are only an email away!
The Xorro Team
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