Free Facilitators

Xorro-Q provides a generous Free Facilitator arrangement, in which there is no charge for using the tool.  There are however some limitations:

As a Free Facilitator, the user can work with up to 30 participants (plus a 10% tolerance = 33).

A limit of 100 questions per month also applies.  This is in total, ie not considering how many people have been asked the question(s).  

For example:

  • Week 1 - ran a session with a group of 15 people, asked them 6 questions.
  • Week 2 - ran three sessions with 28, 6, and 21 people respectively; asked 15 questions at each.
  • Week 3 - ran one session with 31 people; asked 25 questions
  • Week 4 - ran 3 sessions with 12, 18 and 8 people; asked 2, 12 and 8 questions.
  • Total - 98 questions asked completely free of charge !

Some things to consider:

If you have some participants who have purchased a Plus account, then these are not counted within your free 30 (actually, 33!) allocation.  You can have as many Plus account holders in your audience as you wish.... however you still are limited to 100 questions per month using a Free Facilitator plan.  

You can avoid any question limit by simply upgrading your plan (Compare Plans).  The Q30 plan is just like the Free Facilitator, except it has no question limit.  And at less than US$8 per month it's amazingly economical!

If what you want is no cost to the Facilitator, and no limits at all to the number of people in your sessions or to the number of questions you can ask, then consider a fully participant-funded approach.....  Any Institution Manager can set up Fee Policies, and then associate selected groups with various Fee Policies.




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